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Launching July 22, 2023

the heart knows no fear book by Roopa Kamath

This collection of poems follows the author's journey through the different phases of her life as she seeks to understand and accept the deeper meaning of life. With love, life, and light themes, the author shares the insights and wisdom she gained at each stage. 


These poems will resonate with young and old readers alike, as experiences of love, loss, grief, hopelessness, and the eventual discovery of tranquillity are universal across cultures and geographies. Written in simple language from a place of deep emotion, the author portrays vivid imagery of raw emotions and experiences that have strengthened her. Drawing from nature, her devotion to the creator, and various aspects of the human body, the author uniquely expresses herself. 


The title reflects that the heart can defy the logic and fear set by the mind and find the strength to live life on its terms. The author encourages readers to let go of the masks they wear to survive in this world and embrace their emotions in all their glory.

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