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Hello & Namaste! 

My name is Roopa Kamath

I am an Indian - Australian writer residing in Melbourne. My writing delves into the depths of human emotion and the complexities of life's drama. I infuse magic and cultural fusion into my work, drawing inspiration from nature's beauty and the rich mythological and religious characters that have captivated readers for centuries. My background spans theatre arts and television acting, an enchanting and disarming journey that mirrors characters in my poems and short stories. 
Before coming to Australia in 2013, I taught life skills to adolescent children across schools through THE HINDU's Newspaper in Education Program. I also gained insight into content creation during the late 2000s information technology revolution while working at Yahoo! These diverse personal experiences provide me with wisdom and authenticity that I incorporate in my writing. My cherished children, Mahima and Maher, along with my adorable feline companion, Jojo, have endlessly supported my dream of becoming a published writer in my late 40's. 
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